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What about  Marco Marilungo
by di Giancarlo Rummo

Maco Marilungo was born in Porto San Giorgio, in 1971. Endowed by an happy spirit and an ironic deft hand, he began his career as a cartoonist reaching immediately noticeable results: between 1992 and 1993 he published several cartoons on “Cuore” (Weekly of worship at that time, with a print run of 200,000 copies per week), the “Gazzetta di Ancona“, “Fegato”, “Mai dire sport”, “Local Comix” and various puzzle magazines including “La settimana enigmistica” . SOme pubblications on “Comix” and “Die Zeit” in Hamburg and various other. Right now his work has shown an innate tendency to irony as an expressive instrument together with a good knowledge of technique. In the early 90s it gives the painting a result enrollment at the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata, which will conclude with honors.

Just the deepening of classical art techniques have meant that Mark Marilungo could mix his work as a cartoonist with the pictorial with unique results. There are several collective and personal exhibitions including the “Open” in Sassoferrato and “Art in the pot” in Milan (agency. PACI & partners Pesaro.).
His works have aroused interest in various environments, have appeared in popular television, have been purchased by collectors of ironic illustrations; Finally, there are wins and reports in major competitions such as recently in the international competition “Humour a Gallarate”
In 1999 he was interviewed by “Mediamente” (Rai program), on the occasion of the establishment of the Multimedia Laboratory at the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata, where he teach “techniques of digital animation.” At the same time he was called by Clementoni for technical advice for the launch of a game on the painting. Since 1997 he published cartoons on Agenda Smemoranda.
His collaboration with the famous diary has gone far beyond the dozens of drawings published in the last few editions, his work has appeared in other productions editorials related to Smemoranda as in the recent “The class is invaded by the law of inertia” in 2010. Lately, his cartoons have been published in various blogs and journal of political satire like “La gazza ladra”.
His cartoons have been very successful on Facebook, thanks to the collaboration with In particular, some have spread virally to become real objects of worship. Some of his drawings have appeared in “” and the TV show “Ballaro’”
In the area of ​​training his teaching artistic techniques and traditional and digital animation, took place and is taking place in many organizations, including: the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata, Experimental Design Centre of Ancona, University of Macerata – faculty of Economics (advertising and business communication), the Institute for graphics and advertising “Bonifazi” Civitanova Marche, IPSIA “Mattei” in Recanati, The Acs of Recanati. It’s also interesting his teaching in the primary school which led him to develop the technique of two-dimensional animation with children’s drawings, arousing much interest from many schools and organizations in Macerata, in Venice in Fermo in Naples and various other.
Marco Marilungo was more than the other witness to the transition from traditional techniques to digital and pioneer of web design, in fact since 1996, when the internet was a privilege for the few, he was already operating in the creative industry and web publishing to a well-known company telecommunications, Wallnet, who was one of the early web providers of Italy. In Wallnet was in the editorial staff of the magazine Wallmag.
In 1999 he founded Empix Multimedia srl with other experts in the field. It’s an graphic agency specialized on creation of websites, multimedia production and publishing. With help of a team of high level technical and artistic Marco Marilungo completed several projects of considerable thickness for public administration and private companies. Entities including: Lube Volley MC, Assindustria Macerata and Ancona, Romcaffè, Cycling Team with Mario Cipollini kitchens Lube spa, Campetella Racing (World Cup 250), Prefabricated Foresi spa, Boosley jeans, Naturino, Sigma Basketball Montegraro (A1), Mobilificio Pontoni spa, Eli editions Recanati, Imac spa brands Primigi and Igi & co. Performs various projects with various government agencies including: the Regione Marche, Comune di Macerata, Civitanova, Fermo, Porto San Giorgio, Recanati, Corridonia, Morrovalle, Comunità Montana dei Monti Azzurri, Sistema turistico Mare Adriatico delle Grandi Firme, sistema Turistico Marca Fermana, Copagri, Biblioteca di Macerata, Accademia Georgica di Treia, Camera di Commercio di Macerata, Asur Marche, Cosmari,, and indirectly as a subcontractor agencies, produces various mascots and animations for educational purposes and personnel management for dozens of companies including multinationals like the Ergo insurance in Milan. 
He is author of the children’s magazine “La Bussola Verde” (The Green Compass) 
In terms of composition and graphic advertising his work has appeared in GQ and other fashion magazines. He creates within the Multimedia Empix the TV spot “Kin 2012″ for Mediaset and was director production in the realization of the spot for Igi & co in Mediaset channels.
In his work as a graphic designer has created nearly 100 brands and has developed a thorough knowledge of typography and packaging.
Recently, he has been carrying out interesting projects in Empix Multimedia, in particular, are to be reported, “The organic garden,” sponsored by the Marche regional administration. The designs of Marco Marilungo highlights good properties of vegetables for a young audience. Other project is “Etnica”: multimedia product for foreign workers and who had a special mention to the ” e-content award.
Very interesting is the animated cartoon “Matteo Ricci” created with primary school children. It is used as promotional video of Macerata territory in international trade fairs.
Marco Marilungo is the author of the animations of “ABCibo“, a multimedia production about proper nutrition and the “Portal of young surfers” website sponsored by the administration of Macerata with content intended for an audience of children. Very important is the web production destined for display on facebook “A school security” behavioral animation handbook on safety at school.
Recently, he oversaw the creation of the website “Casa Leopardi”, “Plados Telma spa”, “Bavaria Holz”, “Falc spa”, “Giovanni Fabiani,” “Norma j. Baker, “Kyria Style, Kleos, Rapari, Baia degli Deis, Cale D’Otranto, Copagri, etc ..
A recent work was: “Hospital Color” for Asur Marche: “My Province: Fermo” :cartoon with drawings made by children; a promotional spot for the consortium  “Mela Rosa dei Crivelli”. “La doppia vita dlla pelle di Solofraa” is a cartoon about tanning district of Campania, among other entities promoted by the Administration of Campania. The art direction of the shooting for “Fabrizio Poker”.
Relevant is his work as a designer of packaging thanks to cooperation with the company “Cotognini” for which it has developed several projects including a case for CD-ROM the “Digitalpost ®”.
A poster to promote the enrollment at the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata, with an ironic view on the artistic avant-garde has become a real cult object so that it has been translated into several languages, presented on television and present on hundreds of blogs on the web (Google images is first with “history of art”). Also, in addition to being published in full page in the July 2012 Monthly Focus has attracted the attention of merchandising direction of the Guggenheim museum in Venice that he wanted to make the acquaintance of the author.
In cooperation with the agency “Amicucci formazione” has created numerous animated mascots, they are protagonists of pills behavioral information for internal use for several large companies and multinationals that for contractual reasons we can not mention.
Forthcoming is “10s”, a compilation of many cartoons produced for Smemoranda on young people and the school.
A great merit that we have to recognize to Marco Marilungo is to be able to create products of greatly simplifying the teaching content using interactive animation technique, making the final product attractive and easy to use; also to find in every production a bit of irony that make his work unique.
From 2013 he’s is on wikipedia:“Marco Marilungo”.


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