Drawing and painting course

Drawing and painting course

Marco Marilungo teaches drawing and painting. In that courses the student has the opportunity to confront and examine all the classic techniques, basic and advanced to learn how to draw and paint.

The course aims to give to the student the tools and base knowledge to address and know the most important artistic techniques.

The first meetings put special interest in design and in the culture of artistic training holds great importance as it helps to increase dexterity and observation skills, two substantive aspects of all the arts. Other meetings are dedicated to the study of color and classical techniques of painting.

It is not essential to follow the course from the beginning, each student, in relation of their skills and time available, choose what to investigate.

The courses have different durations depending on the institution that houses it, but basically it is held for 2-3 hours a week in the evening hours.
At the end of the course the student will have assimilated sufficient knowledge to be able to pursue a path of individual application or investigate the study of one or more techniques.

We have held exhibitions in premises provided by the various public organizations.

In past years the courses were held in particular in the seats of the” Centro Sperimentale di Desigin of Ancona”, headquarters of “Anfass” of Civitanova Marche and at the “University of Free Time” in Porto Sant’Elpidio. The next courses in the program will be held in the seat of the ‘University of the Free Time” Porto Sant’Elpidio. For info go to:


Here are some pictures of the courses and some works of the students: