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“Vegebattle” is an irreverent and scratched idea. It’s an illustrated story collection where vegetables play the role of soldier fighting an improbable trench war. Every character is scoundrel and unable; the books deliberately critic and mock war, getting off the epic idea of War and focusing on grotesque and ridicule every happy end.

The cue to create this character came from the reading of Pablo Neruda’s “Elementary odes”, joined with atmospheres of Kubrick’s film “Path of glory”.


The craziest vegetables you have never seen are line up in the trenches.
They can’t stand themselves and so they are spiteful to everybody.
They are both strange and wacky, always conspiring, plotting and racked their brains
Somebody is coward and yob, somebody is genius and shattered, others are lying and spiteful and all together are the most muddled army of history.
The decision to use the vegetables as characters in a story comes from several particularities, the most important is the fact that there aren’t around  stories whose characters are vegetables, so this choice also has a value of novelty.


Most important is the educational value that this initiative has, in fact, with these stories the children will become familiar with the vegetables. They will learn to recognize these vegetable with the stories, but mostly, they will be encouraged to eat vegetables, because in the stories of “Vegebattle” we are talking about negative characters and warmongers.
Everything is aligned to the campaign for the eating of healthy food and vegetables, especially in the United States.
“Vegebattle”has already published in Italy by Marche Regional Administration, with the name of “biologic kitchen-garden” and we tasted the success it gained with children for gadgets and plot.
These books could be the right way to promote foods (such as soups or vegetables) or to deal with wide scope themes using metaphors.
The series is also designed for the future creation of animated stories and video games. Currently some animations have been used in the construction of the website.
In Vegebattle collection you will find all the tales of the craziest vegetables you have never seen:
Meet these vegetables fighting this strange “War of the buttons”: the frightful captain “Peel” the cucumber and his faithful war-bee “Zazza”, the strategic tomato “Marzà”, the smart inventor “Gardoc”, the poet medal collector  “Artichopher Columbus”,  the friends “Crock” the potato and “Pumpkid” the pumpkin, Barry the coward strawberry and many more.


Currently the first two stories that you can read are

“To whom give the medal”? Captain Tom is attending a strange ceremony where won’t be easy to decide who will get the honor, but the creative poet “Artichopher Columbus” will find an unexpected solution.

In episode “The sweeping sprinkler” “Gardoc” tweaks a shooting verdigris caterpillar watering can but will have to face its driver “Seawolf” the braggart aubergine. Not all will be as expected…



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